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Leverage your Google Account

With SMSTheTeam, you use your Google Account to log in. Also you will be able to manage your Google Contacts directly from your SMSTheTeam dashboard.

Save SMS messages

With SMSTheTeam, you can save messages with their contact list to be used as many times as you would like.

Send SMSTheTeam messages from your phone

With SMSTheTeam, you can start a saved SMS Message by simply sending its title in an SMS to SMSTheTeam number.

Collect replies

With SMSTheTeam, you can receive instant replies for the messages you sent. With replies saved in a spreadsheet, you will be able to know the effectiveness of your messages.

Email to SMS

With SMSTheTeam, you can send an email to your SMSTheTeam account and it will directly be sent out as a text message to the groups and contacts you specify.


With SMSTheTeam API, you can provide your application with the apility to send out text messages and handle the replies.